Hand Hygiene

Hands on living calls for hands on hygiene.
It's easy to help stop germs spreading with Carex,
so whether it's finger painting or at the playground,
you and your dear ones are in safe hands. 


Prevent infection through hand hygiene

Find out how correct hand hygiene is an important way of preventing the spread of disease

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Keeping your hands clean out and about

Whether you’re spending the day at the park with a picnic or shopping with the kids, Carex can keep your skin soft, clean and protected on the go - and you don’t even need water.

Tips for keeping clean

What are bacteria?

We wash our hands to cleanse them and remove bacteria, but why is this important?

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How does Carex work?

Whether you’re out exploring nature or at home building a den, you can trust Carex to effectively clean, care and protect.

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